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The Middle Barn

Apple Trees In Bloom

Located at 3500 feet in the Northern Sierras, Thompson Valley was first settled by John W Thompson in 1851 and known as the Illinois Ranch. As one of the first ranchers in the county he took the initiative in the matter improvements, improving on old methods of farming wherever possible. Thompson built a flour mill on the ranch and soon started supplying the local area with high quality flour at a cost of eighty cents per fifty pounds. In addition to flour Thompson carried on the stock raising and ranching traditions of the time supplying local miners and residents of Quincy with beef, and from the expansive vegetable gardens, a variety of fresh vegetables. Mr. Thompson built his ranch into one of the show places of the county with red brick buildings set on meticulously groomed green lawns and lush gardens.Looking Northeast Across The Valley

Shortly after Mr. Thompsonís death in 1910 the ranch was rented to Mr. Pauly who ran a large Dairy heard, producing and selling butter. In 1920 the ranch was sold to the Ramelli family who maintained the dairy herd and added cheese making to the industries of Thompson Valley. The Ramelli family ran the ranch into the 1970ís phasing out the dairy herd and raising beef cattle.

Between the 1970ís and 1992 the ranch had several owners and tenants that continued the tradition of raising beef cattle in the valley, but due to lack of attention many of the historic buildings fell into a state of disrepair with several of the original barns actually collapsing.

In late 1992 Thompson Valley Ranch was purchased by the Brassfields. Over the years many of the historic buildings have been restored including Thompsonís original flour mill. The ranch grounds have once again been groomed and Mr. Thompsonís vision preserved.

In addition to the buildings the pastures also received attention and a herd of top quality Black Angus cows.  Old fences were repaired as well as new ones built in key locations to aid in the management of both the land and the cattle through a rotational grazing program. Thompson creek, one of the ranches main water sources, was fenced off to preserve and restore the riparian corridor and water quality after years of mismanagement and neglect.

Over the many years since it was founded, Thompson Valley Ranch has had a long history of providing high quality food products for people who care about what they consume. Those traditions are carried on today with Thompson Valley Natural Grass-fed Angus Beef.


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