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Thompson Valley Ranch, under the current ownership is proud of its long standing record of conservation. It became clear that ranching and conservation are not mutually exclusive; in fact both actually are tightly intertwined in the overall health of the environment and animals living in it (including humans).  With this in mind Thompson Valley Ranch has moved forward with the implementation of many conservation projects that promote habitat for wildlife, clean water, and an increase in production of sustainable agriculture.

New cross fencing has been installed to aid in a rotational grazing plan. By utilizing the natural grasses and legumes in an intensively managed grazing plan the cattle are able to harvest the maximum amount of nutrients stored in the plants, and in turn store those nutrients in their bodies to promote growth and health.

Creation of riparian corridors by fencing off Thompson Creek and limiting cattle access has had a tremendous positive effect on eroded creek banks damaged from years of poor management. As a result riparian plant life in the corridor used to stabilize soil, create wildlife habitat, and filter water has had a dramatic increase.

The building of a new reservoir and the rebuilding of a historic one has created over 10 acres of wetland habitat used by everything from deer to migrating waterfowl. The spring fed reservoirs have also provided Thompson Valley Ranch with a more reliable source of irrigation water to promote late season grass growth, there by expanding production possibilities.

Water project development doesn’t stop at the reservoirs; Water from natural mountain springs is collected and used to supply cattle with a constant supply of clean fresh water. In some cases water is pumped, via clean reliable solar power, to holding tanks and then gravity fed into a series of water troughs for stock use further limiting the need for cattle to invade fragile riparian habitat to drink.

Thompson Valley Ranch as a member of the Upper Feather River Watershed Group (UFRWG) is dedicated to monitoring and management practices that promote clean water.  

Thompson Valley Ranch also is a proud participant in the California Waterfowl Association’s (CWA) Wood Duck Nesting Box Program. This program has been a huge success resulting in 150-200 hatched Wood Duck chicks each season. The Wood Duck population has soared from its once “low levels” and the birds are regularly seen through out the year on the ranch’s reservoirs and creeks.

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