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 "We Bring Good Beef To You"

     Our mission at Thompson Valley Ranch is to provide high quality 100% natural grass-fed Angus beef for your family and ours; giving our customers peace of mind in knowing where their beef comes from. 

     Thompson Valley Ranch uses only high quality Angus cattle in its Natural Grass-fed Beef program. Angus beef is known nation wide for its superior tenderness and rich flavor. Unlike many producers, cattle in our Natural Grass-fed Beef program are all born and raised with Thompson Valley Ranch, not purchased from outside producers. Because we know the cattle for their entire lives we can positively guarantee they have been pasture raised with care, good animal health practices, and have never been treated with hormones or antibiotics. TVR animals enjoy a completely natural diet of fresh grass and clean water from the American and Thompson Valleys. When we say "Grass-fed" we mean 100% Grass-fed and Grass-finished!

Thompson Valley News    

Last call for Split Half orders for 2016. We are rapidly approaching the deadline to get in your pre orders for a quarter, half, or whole beef for 2016. Our last large group of steers will be cut and packaged the last week of September and ready for delivery to you the first week of October. The cut off to have your order submitted will be Friday September 23rd at 9 am. For more information about placing an order for a "Split Half" or other "Value Pack"  Order Information page. Because we are down to the wire please call the ranch office to ensure we save you a spot for your order. The ranch office number is 530-283-5873

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Now In Stock!

  • Individually Packaged Steaks, Roasts, Ground Beef

  • Intro Pack, Family Pack, New York Lovers, Top Sirloin Lovers, Premium Steak, and Roast Sampler Value Packs

**Upcoming Delivery to The Truckee and Tahoe areas**

Thompson Valley Ranch will again this year be doing monthly off season deliveries to the Truckee and Tahoe areas. Look for the first delivery to occur in Mid November. To be notified of the delivery timers and locations please subscribe to our mailing list on the left of this page.

If you are in the Truckee Tahoe area and are new to ordering with our "Off Season" deliveries, its easy.

  • No minimum orders or extras fees charged.

  • Select from our online order form by the order deadline.

  • Orders will be confirmed by phone or email.

  • Pick up you order at at the designated delivery location. (Delivery date, time and locations are at the top of the order form)


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